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February 4, 2013

Heat weighs heavily upon the garden path Hazy, hovering, humidity presses down on the day My clothes cling in a rumbled mass against my drenched body An errant strand of sweat-soaked hair lays draped over my cheek I tuck it behind an ear as meandering streams trickle between my breasts and down the center of […]


February 3, 2013

He saw movement in her eyes, a message beneath a thought She spoke slowly, softly of her disenchantment at being caught Aimlessly drifting with the erratic current, battered on the river bank He listened with interest as her heart gently sank ‚ÄúTurning like a leaf in a whirlpool is a sad and loathsome fate, passively […]

Out of The Hive

February 2, 2013

Out of The Hive Immersed in the hive of humanity struggling to hear and be heard, constant humming, hovering drones transform every word Surface from the oblivious masses, emitting heat and noxious gasses, angry minded, poisoned asses an existence so absurd I break away from the darkened confusion, to the open air free from illusion, […]

Ending at the Beginning

February 2, 2013

THE END. The tale comes to a close with the turning of the final phrase. Blue birds, white horses and sunny, green knolls disappear. Peace and contentment skitter off on a cool wind Eyes snap open to reality The here and now slaps the face like shattered glass Head spinning Tension invades tissues The heart […]