Dagdia Island
Life in the trenches


He saw movement in her eyes, a message beneath a thought
She spoke slowly, softly of her disenchantment at being caught
Aimlessly drifting with the erratic current, battered on the river bank
He listened with interest as her heart gently sank
“Turning like a leaf in a whirlpool is a sad and loathsome fate,
passively moving around each bend, a tiresome dizzying fate”.
He let her tell her story, stoked the fire and faintly smiled,
deeply stirred by the sound of her voice, her silhouette, her style.
He pushed her hair back and pulled her close.
He fought back remnants of yesterday’s ghosts.
He knew this well, blood, sweat and fear
He said “all that matters is what is right here,
river high, soul laid low, the truth depends on how deep you go.
Stay here with me in the warm firelight.
Clarity will follow when daybreak runs off the night”.
Wrapped in each other, they drifted away
Peaceful acquiescence, no words left to say.
©MG Mack


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