Dagdia Island
Life in the trenches

Ending at the Beginning


The tale comes to a close with the turning of the final phrase.
Blue birds, white horses and sunny, green knolls disappear.
Peace and contentment skitter off on a cool wind
Eyes snap open to reality
The here and now slaps the face like shattered glass

Head spinning
Tension invades tissues
The heart winces and goes into hiding
A soul, tormented and twisted, gets caught up on jagged edges,
trapped and swaying in sorrow.

Just yesterday I was holding onto a dream
that lifted and carried me wistfully into blue skies
Lost in possibility, I smiled.
Inhaling hope, I sang.
Imagining eternity, I danced

The possibilities dwindled, barely a trickle from a drained and weary well.
Hope withered and fell, like the last October leaf.
Eternity simply ceased to exist

Sacred secrets are discovered, not told.
Ancient scrolls carried by gentle souls imprint hearts,
and live in the Shadowlands of memory
to be revisited when we find ourselves back at

©MG Mack all rights reserved


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